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re: The Video Resources and Technology Updates That Have Changed the Game...

Capturing or obtaining professional quality video USED to require thousands of dollars worth of gear or licensing fees. And while next-level video technologies and productions still rely on high-end gear, the reality is that, for people like you and me, we no longer NEED that expensive gear MOST of the time!

We have options today, and lots of them. For starters, if you have a smartphone in your pocket or purse you ALREADY have high-quality video production at your fingertips! That is an obvious change in the production of video, but it's also just the beginning. Sources for video stock are ALSO changing! More and more photographers and videographers are releasing their work into the Public Domain for ALL to use. Exciting!

And then there are the new methods for using Public Domain image content, combined with some clever tech wizardry, resulting in AMAZING, "how-did-they-do-that" video clips. High-end videos that used to require using a company like Industrial Light & Magic and an entire staff of trained professionals, no longer does. Anyone can achieve some of the same types of results using low-cost software and a little creativity. 

I sounds hard or like a pie-in-the-sky dream, except that it isn't...if you know and understand the secrets to unlocking the magic.
Here Is Why Video NEEDS to Matter to YOU!
Consider these CRAZY Statistics: 
Video Statistics You Cannot Ignore!
81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.
Users view more than 1 billion hours of video each day on YouTube. 
Viewers retain 95% of a message they watch in a video versus 10% with text.
By 2022, videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer online traffic.
Using Video Is Unavoidable...You MUST Use Video!
Many people (especially those of us who are older) believe that finding or creating video content is hard or requires expensive tools, crazy amounts of time and impossible creative skills. It is not and does not! The tools and strategies you need for creating quality videos for products, customer engagement and traffic are basic and ANYONE can easily master them...even YOU!
Introducing...“Public Domain Video Hacks”
In this BRAND-NEW Public Domain Workshop, you will discover how you can easily find and create innovative video content...FOR using media content available in the Public Domain. Using freely available Public Domain video and photo content, you will be able to create unique new videos and video-based products to increase your customer interaction, traffic flow and more!

Here is what we will be covering in this ALL-NEW Workshop:
  • Module One – Resource Hacks: In this module I will reveal where to find current and historic video content, movies and more. We will also review simple presentation strategies for creating instructional videos from Public domain content as well as how to turn classic teaching audio recordings into video presentations.
  • Module Two – Motion Hacks:​In this module, we will explore how to add motion to photographs, like pans and zooms (also referred to as the Ken Burns effect). We will also demo the best video creation tools for combining photos, video and text to easily create videos quickly.
  • Module Three – Next-Level Hacks:​This module will take video creation to the next level with how to create Parallax videos (3d fly-through videos) and Cinemagraphs (still photographs with repeated movement) using vintage and modern Public Domain photos.
Some Great Examples of What You Will Discover...
The VIDEO above was created 100% using ONLY photos from the Public Domain and the Parallax Effect .
Above is a perfect example of a Cinemagraph created from a Public Domain photo.
The “Burns Effect” in action...made from photos in the Public Domain!
Videos represent a wide-open creative content opportunity that must be embraced to reach your audience, increase engagement and take your products to the next level! With this training, I will reveal what you need to know to get started in "hacking" this Public Domain content to create your OWN videos! 

This is honestly going to be an exciting training that you definitely do NOT want to miss! 
Your Investment TODAY...
This workshop easily shares enough value and insights to justify a $197 price point...but I also recognize the importance of getting this information into as many of your hands as possible. This is an amazing opportunity that you have likely not considered and NOW is the time to take action to ride the wave. The demand for the types of video we're exploring has been increasing steadily for the past several years...and it's ONLY going to increase exponentially in the coming years. What I love most is how adaptable these types of products are...they apply to most niches and markets out there! 

For those reasons and others, I am positioning this workshop so that YOU can make an EASY buying decision, which is why I have decided to decrease the Introductory Pricing to...
Just $197 $97
Introductory Pricing...
Just $67
Your Wise Investment TODAY includes:
  • Ongoing Access to ALL Video Replays and Materials
  • Course Slides PDF from All Three Modules
  • BONUS: ​Using Public Domain Video Content to Create Stylized, Fresh Videos
    (PDR: Video / Audio Module 2).
  • BONUS:​Using New Desktop Video Editors Filmora and DaVinci Resolve
    (Easy Book Trailers 2.0: Module 4).
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